Dr. John Alverdy Receives Prestigious Award for Groundbreaking Clinical Research

Executive Vice Chair of the University of Chicago Medicine Department of Surgery John C. Alverdy, MD, has been named the 2018 recipient of the American Surgical Association’s Flance-Karl Award, an honor bestowed upon one surgeon who has made a groundbreaking contribution to surgical research.

This award is one of the world’s most prestigious recognitions of scientific achievement. Dr. Alverdy received the award at the ASA’s 138th Annual Meeting in April, and he is the first surgeon-scientist at Chicago Medicine to receive this recognition.

The Flance-Karl Award recognizes Alverdy for his discovery of the adaptive interaction of the human gastrointestinal microbiome in response to critical illness and surgery. Specifically, he played a pivotal role in identifying the invasive bacteria that lead to surgical anastomotic leakage and failure, which are potentially deadly complications of colorectal surgery. His findings explain why some patients develop deep surgical site infections after major intestinal surgery, and his breakthroughs are leading to new strategies to cleanse and prepare the bowel before operation.

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